Responsive Web Design

Flexible Web Design

Developing a website is much more than building a space. When designing a Website It takes a depth and understanding of your business, and your goals, which is why we deliver solid results.

Search Engine Friendly

Anyone can design a beautiful website, but not every web design company can make it perform. Our client’s websites are SEO optimized and search engine friendly so they stand out.

Our Support

With changes and improvements in code for security and new design features we provide ongoing website maintenance and search optimization so you can feel confident your website is performing.

Responsive Web Design

Ever open a website on your computer and then go to your phone and you have to scroll over to see the entire website? This is because the website is not responsive. A website that is created to be responsive will automatically adjust and adapt to fit your screen size, orientation or platform you are using making the layouts clean and more fluid. Social Element specializes in using best and most current web design technology available so our clients websites deliver their brand experience, function, results, and engagement to their customers.

SEO Optimized

When you Google something and the results come back they are in an order for a reason. This is based upon how well the website was designed and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was set up accordingly to the company. SEO is how well your site ranks when a search is performed. Developing a website to do well in search is no easy task. Search engines like Google and Bing change their algorithms frequently to enhance the consumers experience to find and display the results they are searching for. Our clients websites are monitored and updated frequently to make sure we get top results, target your audience, and keep your competition in check.

Website Support and Managed Hosting

We provide managed hosting services and ongoing website maintenance for our clients. What that means for you is having the peace of mind knowing your website is hosted and monitored in a secure, reliable, and fast environment on Social Element’s servers. Additionally we provide website maintenance which includes ongoing Search Engine Optimization, website code updates, improvements related to core features, and requested edits and additions for our clients. By offering this level of managed hosting and web maintenence our clients websites display the latest web capability and technologies available.

Why Choose Social Element to Design your Website?

We believe each of our customers require a custom and unique website designed to target their audience and communicate their brand effectively. After we have done our research we will develop a custom website that not only fits your needs, but one that will grow your business and brand.

If your ready to take your website to the next level,
you came to the right place.