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Kaiser Farms eCommerce Web Design Details


The Kaiser Farms family has been using Wisconsin Ginseng for over 35 years to show how natural products can produce a healthier lifestyle and boost the immune system. Boosting the immunes system means a stronger fight against diseases and gaining a better quality of life.

“You can feel confident in the fact that Kaiser Farms offers only the most effective Preventive Health Products possible. We know because we use them ourselves and feel the difference in the quality of our lives everyday.” ~ Kaiser Farms Family

Web Design

The design for Kaiser Farms needed to be based around educating their consumers about the products they offer and how they benefit. Making sure to include information about nutrition, quality and health benefits was a strong focus to us. Including advanced technologies the shop is now easier to purchase Kaiser Farms products.

Technology Applied

HTML5 | CSS3 | PHP | jQuery | Woocommerce | SEO | Adobe InDesign