How do I get on the first page of Google? Part 2: Search Engine Algorithms

What is an algorithm? An algorithm is basically a mathematical instruction being sent to your computer so it knows how to complete the assigned tasks. When we look at Google its algorithms are doing all the work for you by searching the Web for pages that include the keyword(s) you used in your search. From here Google will then rank the pages that appear based on many different factors like how many times that one keyword shows up on the page. The pages that are higher ranked will appear ahead of others in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Lets do a search for “Seafood Restaurants near Fort Myers Beach”. As you can see there are many restaurants being displayed with the keywords we used to search.

So any restaurant that is near Fort Myers Beach that includes Seafood will be in the top section. Google even displays these restaurants according to the star rating as well which is an added bonus! These ratings are also part of Google’s algorithm as well as social media engagement. The restaurants with higher ratings, social media participation and engagement, and a properly formatted website will have the most views, leading to more potential customers.

Google’s search function with keywords works similar to other search engines out there. Google has spiders, or crawlers, that are running around the Web from link to link searching for specific pieces of this puzzle to serve customers the most relevant result based upon their query. These results will then be displayed when a user enters one of those phrases or terms that relate to the search. This is all part of search engine optimization. These results weigh and calculate specific areas of a website like the headings so it is very important not to overuse keywords when designing a website – but that topic is for another day!

Even the best SEOs are not magicians. They can’t simply place a site at the top of the engines when there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of others that offer basically the same thing, and provide basically the same information. If they could, you’d see a whole lot more millionaire SEOs. – Jill Whalen

Algorithms are directly related to your website. The coding as well as the speed of your website will determine how relevant you become in search – a site with a faster load time will rank much higher in the search results. This also determines how long people visit your site – if your site takes a long time to load you could be missing out on potential customers. Research has proven that the slower a site responds to a person clicking on it, the less time that person will spend there.

Having the right developer working for you that understands the best SEO practices and incorporates that into your website will make all the difference. With our expertise in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, Social Element uses the right tools to ensure your company will perform well in search while delivering you solid, documentable, and trackable results.

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