Our History


The Concept (frustration)

Imagine ordering a cheeseburger and when you get to the window you are handed a patty with no bun, no pickles and no cheese…only to find out you have to go down the road for the bun, to another place for the pickles and the across the street for the cheese. Would you be frustrated? We were too.

Our industry lends very much to this same scenario. Go to this vendor for your newspaper ad, visit another vendor for your TV advertising, call a web design company to develop your website…the list goes on and on. Our concept was to be customer centric by providing innovative web design technology, interactive marketing, and advertising support by being a one-stop agency that becomes an extension of our client’s business.


Our Birth and Growing Pains

Our frustration and concept led to the birth of Social Element – January 3, 2012. Now imagine a baby being born that can lift like 700 pounds but can’t walk yet – it’s like a company that has built the foundation and infrastructure to deliver innovative web design, marketing, and advertising solutions that Fortune 500 companies wish they could deliver, but it doesn’t have a single client. This is where we were at.

By the end of 2012 Social Element had grown to only three clients. This was not an exciting year.

Social Element a Web Design and Marketing Company based in Fort Myers Florida offering Baby and Infant Product Web Design and Marketing.

And BOOM goes the dynamite!

Remember how we talked about 2012? Remember baby? Nobody puts baby in the corner. Through our persistence and vision to provide our clients with amazing designs, innovative marketing, and advertising solutions that work, Social Element grew from three clients to over 20 by the end of 2013.

The only reason for our success is because we provide solutions that deliver above and beyond our clients expectations. More importantly, our clients don’t have to waste time calling the six different companies to execute their web design, advertising, and marketing campaigns.


Three years later

We have grown into the company that continues to evolve and grow in the online space. More importantly we deliver on every promise to our clients by providing unique and innovative web design and marketing solutions while delivering an exceptional experience. Social Element has grown to serve 5 states including Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and New York representing some of the most sophisticated brands in the world.

Our Skills

  • We Listen – We get to know your business as well as you do.
  • We Communicate – We create dialogues and conversations, not just with you but with your customers.
  • We Deliver – We deliver on every promise, every time.

Our passion for our industry transfers into our services

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Our Leadership

Olaf Krawinkel

Founder & CEO

Enough about our baby, tell us how we can help your's!

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